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Legal & General launches new Accelerated Growth Investment Plan

15 March 2005
Legal & General is launching a new investment product offering investors capital growth of 125 per cent in the FTSE 100 Index, as well as the guaranteed return of the original capital at the end of the six year term.

The Accelerated Growth Investment Plan, designed for the slightly more adventurous investor, offers uncapped growth on the FTSE 100 Index combined with guaranteed protection of their original investment, provided they stay invested for the full term.

"Great news for investors who are confident that stocks and shares provide the potential for healthy long term returns but who prefer to 'hedge their investment' with capital protection at maturity rather than make a direct investment in shares," says Legal & General's retail investments marketing director, Claire Stracey.

Future Value Consultants, an independent research company, gave the plan its top rating for value, and called it "a transparent investment product" that would "appeal to investors looking to participate in market growth without having to put their capital at risk."

The Accelerated Growth Investment Plan is available for a limited seven-week term from Monday March 21st until Friday May 6th 2005.

Spanning both the 2004/2005 and the 2005/2006 tax years, the period allows a maximum investment of £7,000 for each tax year. Investors could thus place up to £14,000 in the plan.

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