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Legal & General launches new investment plan

10 November 2005
Legal & General has launched its new Accelerated Growth Investment Plan 5, aimed at helping the more adventurous investor get the most from their money.

The investment plan offers 150 per cent of any capital growth in the FTSE 100 index plus capital investment at the end of the six-year fixed term.

Legal & General says the investment plan is ideal for those who want to
dabble in stocks and shares but protect their initial investment.

Retail investments marketing director at Legal & General, Claire Stracey, said: "Accelerated Growth Investment Plan 5 offers the potential for healthy long term returns from equities with the bonus of capital protection at maturity.

"This investment plan has been designed for the slightly more adventurous investors who are confident that stocks and shares provide the potential for healthy long term returns but who prefer to ‘hedge their investment’ with capital protection at maturity rather than make a direct investment in shares," she added.

Minimum investment in the plan is £500 and is available as a Maxi ISA,
PEP/ISA transfers or direct share investment.

Legal & General says capital is protected at maturity but is not guaranteed.

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