Legal & General offers cash back on PEP and ISA transfers

21 April 2005
Legal & General is offering investors with existing PEPs and ISAs the chance to save £1,500 over five years in management charges by transferring to the company by May 13th.

Subject to certain conditions, Legal & General will refund the annual management charges for 2005 for all PEP and ISA transfers of £3,000 and over into a Legal & General Index-Tracking PEP or ISA.

An investor with £50,000 in one of these investments would typically pay one per cent - or £500 - in management fees per annum - but moving to a PEP or ISA managed by Legal & General would see that investor pay no management fees this year and only £250 in years to come.

"We have built our reputation in the retail investment market by offering excellent value for money products," said Claire Stracey, retail investments marketing director with Legal & General.

"Including PEP and ISA transfers in our special offer will enable more people to take advantage of our value for money approach."

Legal & General has a range of eight Index-Tracking unit trusts carrying annual management charges of between 0.5 per cent and 1.0 per cent.

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