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Lloyds, RBS and Barclays still topping the share trading charts

26 May 2009 / by Rachael Stiles
Share dealing was once again dominated by the banks last week, with Lloyds, RBS and Barclays topping the trading charts at online stockbroker and fund supermarket Interactive Investor.

Following similar reports over recent weeks from TD Waterhouse share dealing and The Share Centre, Interactive Investor has also found that these three major banks currently account for the most heavily traded shares, in both the buying and selling tables.

While lower volatility in the last few weeks has led to slightly diminished trading levels, the pattern has remained the same, as Lloyds, RBS and Barclays shares were the most traded and the most volatile.

"Banks stocks have now topped the most traded tables every week of the year so far. And this trend shows no sign of changing," said Rebecca O'Keeffe, head of investment at Interactive Investor."

Lloyds shares were the most bought over the week, due to the resignation of Victor Blank, followed by the close of its latest open offer, Ms O'Keefe explained.

Trading in RBS shares and Lloyds shares managed to remain strong, despite the Bank of England's announcement on Friday that it will not release the results of the banks' stress tests, Interactive Investor reports. Both banks were up on Friday, so the news did not have an obviously adverse affect on the banks' share prices.

Commenting on the coming days, Ms O'Keefe predicts: "Although next week is a short one I do not expect private investors to take a holiday from bank trading."

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