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Lloyds shares continue to dominate TD Waterhouse charts

24 July 2009 / by Rebecca Sargent

Lloyds shares continued to be both the most bought and sold at TD Waterhouse share dealing last week.

In fact, shares in Lloyds accounted for 26 per cent of the top 10 sells at TD Waterhouse as shares in the bank reached more than 74p on Tuesday on the back of the news that it could be forced to sell some of its business under a Conservative Government.

Commenting Angus Rigby, chief executive officer at TD Waterhouse said: "Customers traded heavily in the banking giant, which claimed a quarter of overall trades as the European Commission threatens to step up its sanctions against bailed-out banks."

Last week was a good week for share dealing in general at TD Waterhouse, as overall top 10 trading increased by 33 per cent, while sales were flavour of the week, Mr Rigby comments:

"Sells were 42 per cent higher than buys as customers seemed determined to take profits in a summer selling spree."

Meanwhile, several newcomers crept into TD Waterhouse's top 10 this week, including Central African Mining & Exploration Company (CAMEC), which slipped into seventh place of the top 10 buys after announcing a potential buyout offer.

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