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Mainstream investors 'increasingly looking at environmental funds'

18 October 2007
Mainstream investors are increasingly looking at environmental funds, a financial adviser has claimed.

Their interest has been prompted both by rising awareness of environmental and ethical issues and improved performance on the part of ethical investment funds, the Ethical Partnership says.

A spokesman revealed that some sectors, such renewable energy, are attracting particular interest due to investment by governments worldwide, opining that it is "quite clear that major governments are committed to go down the environmental route".

"My clients have done very well from investing in ethical and socially responsible funds," he said, adding that over the last four years "they've made decent returns".

In the past three years, the HSBC Global Climate Change index - which tracks 300 companies directly involved in combating climate change - has delivered a return of 125 per cent based on internal tests.

Companies in the index have outperformed the MSCI World index by almost 70 per cent.

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