NS&I launches search for lost winners

24 August 2006
A nationwide search for winners of over 500,000 unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes has been launched by National Savings and Investments (NS&I).

The operators of the draw have published details of some of the biggest winners who are yet to claim their prizes, including one male London resident who has a prize of £25,000 awaiting him and a Newcastle man who is due a £10,000 windfall.

NS&I said the total value of all unclaimed prizes is around £30 million. The oldest unclaimed prize dates back to 1957, as there is no time limit on claiming winnings.

"With the stress of moving home, it is all too easy to forget to tell everyone your new address including financial providers," said Sally Swait, premium Bond manager at NS&I.

"For Premium Bond holders, they could be literally walking away from their prizes if they have not kept NS&I updated.

"We are standing by to re-unite people with any unclaimed prizes and we urge anyone who believes they could have such a prize to check with…our website," she added.

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