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NatWest offers incentives for Child Trust Funds

07 April 2005
As Child Trust Funds 'went live' yesterday, NatWest announced it would be rewarding those parents who set up a monthly direct debit to invest an additional amount in their Child Trust Fund account.

Direct debit investors will receive a voucher booklet worth £250 to spend on special days out and theme park tickets.

There is a further incentive for all parents who open a Child Trust Fund account with NatWest, whether they elect to invest an extra amount via direct debit or not.

The bank will reward them with a further voucher booklet offering savings at a selection of high street shops, including Toys'R'Us and Adams, worth £250.

"The NatWest Child Trust Fund is a great introduction for parents to start investing for their child's future and the money off vouchers should be an extra incentive for parents to get started," said Michael Mather, head of Child Trust Funds for NatWest.

The NatWest Child Trust Fund mixes reward and risk with a combination of equity and fixed interest elements.
If a monthly direct debit of £10 were added to the initial government grant of £250, the projected return when the child reaches 18 would be £4252.

If parents set up a monthly direct debit of £100, they could expect to see the fund reach £36,724 when their child comes of age.

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