Nationwide launches new GEB

23 January 2006
Nationwide has launched a new Guaranteed Equity Bond (GEB) which guarantees to return the original investment with a further ten per cent guaranteed growth.

Linked to the FTSE 100, Nikkei 225 and DJ EuroSTOXX 50, customers have the option of the ten per cent growth or a guaranteed growth of up to 50 per cent of any growth in the value of the indices.

This choice is based on what provides the best return.

"A Guaranteed Equity Bond is ideal for those people who wish to invest in the stock market but have concerns about the risks involved," said Clive Parkinson, managing director of Nationwide Investments.

"The Nationwide GEB not only offers peace of mind to the investor by providing a capital guarantee but also guarantees a minimum return of ten per cent. The return is always more than the original amount invested."

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