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Nationwide unveils new equity investment

20 December 2006
Nationwide has unveiled its new equity investment product, a guaranteed equity bond (GEB) with a participation rate of 55 per cent.

The five-year bond guarantees to return the original investment, plus an additional 10-55 per cent of any growth the investment accrues.

Clive Parkinson, managing director of Nationwide Investments, said: "The Nationwide GEB is ideal for anyone who wishes to make a risk-free investment in the stock market.

"It enables investors to benefit from the performance of some of the world's top companies which are listed on the stock markets of the UK, Europe and Japan, without taking any risks with their original capital and providing the opportunity to receive even greater returns."

She states that anyone investing in the bond before February 10th 2007 will receive an early investor bonus for those who invest in the new bond by having their bonuses increased by up to 0.55 per cent.

The bond will start on March 10th 2007 and mature on March 10th 2012.

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