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New F&C investment fund will help build solutions to climate change

18 September 2007
F&C will soon launch a new product range focussing on sustainable investment, supporting companies that provide the technologies and systems that work to reduce greenhouse gases and help to address the issue of climate change and social awareness.

The companies best equipped and most qualified for developing innovative and effective technologies, products and services will be identified by the F&C Global Climate Opportunities Fund, which will invest in potential market leaders, regardless of their size, geographical location or sector.

Sophie Horsfall, the fund's co-manager, said “Climate change is going to have a revolutionary impact on the global economy and our new Fund will offer investors significant growth potential by picking companies who harness the opportunities from this change.”

“Our investment scope is considerably broader than an alternative energy fund, with nine clear growth themes driven by climate change. F&C brings unrivalled resources and experience in analysing these trends and spotting the winners of tomorrow.”

The nine themes will tackle the issue of climate change by addressing the problems it creates, aiming to develop alternative energy industries and broader technologies, support systems and advanced materials that will form the foundations for reducing emissions.

Acclimatisation will also be taken into consideration as part of a long-term adaptation project, specifically in the areas of health and agriculture. Other themes include alternative energy sources, energy efficiency, sustainability, waste, water, and forestry.

Leading climate change expert Vicki Bakhshi, said “With the consequences of climate change now being acted upon at the highest levels of government, we are going to see significant policy changes. We have the largest dedicated GSI investment team to be able to analyse these developments and their impact on corporate behaviour.”

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