New Guaranteed Equity Bond ISAs from Bristol and West

06 April 2005
Today is the first day of the new tax year - and the day that Bristol and West launches its new range of Guaranteed Equity Bond (GEB) ISAs.

From today, investors will be able to use their mini cash ISA allowance to invest in a product that offers greater stock market-linked growth potential than a traditional savings account.

There are two ISAs to choose from in the new GEB range. The three-year option offering 75 per cent of the growth in four international stock market indices.

The five-year option, meanwhile, offers either 60 per cent of the growth in four indices or a minimum return of 15 per cent over the term - whichever is greater.

"Guaranteed Equity Bond ISAs are ideal for savers who want the potential of a stock market-linked investment, but with the safety net of a capital guarantee," said Nick Pagon, senior product manager at Bristol and West.

Non-ISA versions of these bonds are also available, offering up to 100 per cent growth over five and six-year periods.

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