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New Woolwich Capital Growth Plan offers 120 per cent return

15 April 2005
The latest issue of Woolwich's popular Capital Growth Plan offers a market-leading return of 120 per cent of FTSE 100 growth over five years.

Available between April 20th and June 27th, the new Plan from Woolwich is designed for relatively cautious investors eager to ride the wave of the stock market but enjoy the security of the guaranteed return.

The Plan also offers a rare early maturity option. This means that if the option is selected at the outset and the FTSE 100 increases by 20 per cent halfway through the term, the Plan closes early with a 20 per cent return.

"Our Capital Growth Plan is extremely popular as it gives investors what they want in the form of capital protection, plus the chance to invest in the stock market," said Colin Dickie, director of Woolwich Plan Managers.

"The enhanced participation of 120% should help to overcome any objections people may have to the 'lack of dividends'.

"The usual concern is that structured products do not include dividends so now we have given 'more growth' which is all subject to capital gains tax and not income tax that investors pay on dividends."

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