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New agreement boosts green investment

21 December 2007 / by None
The investment trend for 2008 will be into green funds, according to Jupiter.

Commenting on the Bali conference on climate change, Emma Howard Boyd, head of socially responsible investment at Jupiter, said that the subject was being taken seriously.

Jupiter was one of 150 global companies that backed an initiative led by Prince Charles to call for a legally-binding United Nations agreement on the environment.

Ms Howard Boyd said that Jupiter had noted a trend towards ethical and green investments.

"During the year to date, investment into Jupiter's green funds has been almost four times higher than the same period in 2006, illustrating the uplift in consumer interest in this market."

Jupiter seeks investments into companies along six themes: clean energy, environmental services, green transport, waste management, water management and sustainable living.

Recently F&C added its voice to a petition to the US Senate and House leaders to call for the passing of an energy bill.

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