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No-risk share investment from Nationwide

27 July 2004
Nationwide Life has re-launched its popular guaranteed equity bond (GEB) offering investors 70 per cent of FTSE 100 growth.

Additionally the product guarantees at least the original capital invested at the end of the five-year term.

The bond, which closely monitors the changes on the FTSE 100, offers investors 70 per cent of index growth over the lifetime of the investment.

"Guaranteed equity bonds are perfect for those who are cautious about investing directly in the stock market," says Clive Parkinson, managing director of Nationwide Life. "They can benefit from stock market growth without putting their original investment at risk."

As this Nationwide GEB is a Life Company product, returns are paid net of basic rate tax.

Therefore, with the exception of higher rate taxpayers, investors do not need to pay any further tax on returns from the GEB.

This new issue of the Nationwide GEB replaces the previous one and there is a minimum investment is £5,000.

Nationwide Life Limited is a subsidiary of Nationwide Building Society.