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Northern Ireland sees two Premium Bonds winners

02 August 2006
The winning numbers for August's National Savings and Investments' (NS&I) Premium Bonds draw have been selected and two lucky Northern Irish bond-holders have each one £1 million.

A woman from County Antrim and a man from County Down have both been lucky enough to match their bond numbers with those generated by ERNIE and although both were keen to remain anonymous, they are said to be "delighted" with their wins.

"I have been waiting for this day for a long time," said the County Down winner. "My good fortune will help a long way towards a happy and prosperous retirement. Thank you ERNIE, it looks like we've been blessed with some Irish luck!"

The jackpot winners are only the fifth and sixth to come from Northern Ireland since the £1 million prize was first introduced in 1994.

Holders of Premium Bonds through NS&I can invest up to £30,000. The odds of winning are 24,000 to one, but with a maximum investment bond-holders can expect to collect 15 prizes per year of at least £50 a time.

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