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Norwich Union research shows investment concerns about climate change

02 February 2007
Climate change is a significant issue for consumers, and many are willing to change their investment habits as a result, according to research by Norwich Union.

The study, conducted on behalf of Norwich Union by Ipsos MORI, revealed that more than half of people surveyed - 57% - are interested in long-term financial products such as savings, ISAs and pensions where the fund managers choose investments that take account of the impact on climate change. And 11% said they would be interested in ethical investment regardless of the effect it might have on their financial return.

The research also showed that 66% of people think insurance companies and pensions providers should offer products to limit the effect of climate change, and two thirds said these companies should provide their customers with information on what they can do to limit the effects of climate change.

Dr Peter Michaelis, manager of the Norwich Union UK Ethical fund and Norwich Union Sustainable Future UK Growth funds, said: “Climate change is a hugely important issue and barely a day goes by without a leading politician or news story highlighting the scale of the problem.

"This research shows how important an issue it is for consumers and how people are now willing to make changes to reduce its impact," continued Dr Michaelis. "People who are concerned about climate change should be aware that their investment decisions can play a significant role in reducing their own carbon footprint.”

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