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Offshore investments ‘offer number of advantages’

29 August 2007
People can find a wide variety of options are made available to them once they put their money into offshore investments, it has been claimed.

According to ShelterOffshore, those who keep their money outside of Britain can benefit from a broader fund manager base, deferring taxation and different currencies.

The company added that investors may be particularly interested in alternative marketplaces as they can offer "maximum diversification" to people abroad.

Director of the firm Rhiannon Williamson stated that foreign countries also offered stronger regulation in some instances.

"There are a whole range of superior offshore jurisdictions which are highly regarded within the financial industry and where regulation and investor protection is actually very high indeed," the expert commented.

Ms Williamson originally founded ShelterOffshore in 2004 and the firm has since gone on to become a resource for expatriates who have left the UK and those looking to buy property abroad.

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