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Oldham is the luckiest town in the UK for Premium Bonds

04 April 2005
Thank your lucky stars if you live in Oldham - recent research has found it's the luckiest town in Britain for winning on Premium Bonds.

Residents of the Lancashire town won the largest number of prizes on the Premium Bonds last year, according to this year's Premium Bonds index from National Savings and Investments.

Their luck has certainly turned, as last year Oldham was 48th in the list; Doncaster, Redhill and North London have also seen their fortunes take a turn for the better, jumping 80 places to reach the top ten.

The Yorkshire town of Halifax was the least lucky place to live last year according to the research - it fell from 41st in last year's index to 120th, and last, in this year's survey.

The index was compiled using statistics revealing how many people won Premium Bonds of £1,000 or more in each post code.

"The top ten show that luck in winning Premium Bond prizes is spread across the UK with places like Oldham and Salisbury luckier than the rest in the past year," said Sally Swait, Premium Bonds manager at National Savings and Investments.

With Premium Bonds, a government-sponsored investment scheme, savers have the chance to win prizes of between £50 and £1 million instead of interest.

Winners are randomly selected by Ernie, the Premium Bonds computer.

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