Opportunities in 'tough' stocks

01 February 2008 / by None
Good opportunities still exist for investors if they look toward sectors that are proving particularly resilient, an expert has said.

Current market volatility has made many people reluctant to commit to investments but there are still plenty of areas that appear relatively unaffected and could continue to offer good value, according to the Share Centre.

Commenting on this, Nick Raynor, investment adviser for The Share Centre, said: "Although the markets are likely to stay volatile and further falls should not be ruled out, there are sectors which appear to have weathered the storm and there are still plenty of opportunities to pick up top quality stocks."

Among the sectors named by the group was Gold, which remains strong and can be purchased as an Exchange-Traded Commodity.

Utilities were also named as providing a "consistent yield", while property also looks strong in 2008 despite having problems in 2007 due to rising interest rates diminishing its appeal.

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