SWIP hands out equity guide

06 October 2006
Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (SWIP) has produced a comprehensive brochure that it will distribute to independent financial advisers (IFAs) detailing its UK equity investment options.

The guide will provide IFAs and consumers alike with straightforward introductions and information on the core equity funds on offer from SWIP, as well as giving guidance on investment processes and strategies.

SWIP offers a variety of different options when it comes to investment opportunities.

These include a UK Income Fund, which gives applicants an income from high-yield equities; a UK Opportunities Fund, which potentially offers high returns for long-term investments; and a lower-risk, less volatile option in the Absolute Return UK Equity Fund.

Robert Waugh, the head of UK Equities at SWIP, said his team was a key reason why investors should look to the company to manage their investments, due to the balance and specialist expertise offered by the 12-strong group.

"Our fund managers each bring a different skill set to our UK equity team and together they make a compelling combination."

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