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Saving high on the New Year agenda, finds Bradford & Bingley

16 December 2004
Sixty-one per cent of Britons plan to save more in 2005, Bradford & Bingley has found.

Additionally 48 per cent of UK residents mean to spend less, with a third planning to pay off debts.

Michael Senior, head of personal lending for Bradford & Bingley, said: "Now really is the time for people to keep to their financial resolutions. Advice and help is at hand, but consumers must be committed to asking for it.

"Those who are serious about making inroads into their outstanding debt should consider wrapping up their debts into one personal loan to consolidate all unsecured borrowing, rather than paying them off individually.

"This would almost certainly save them money as the interest rate will be significantly less than that of most store and credit cards. In order to stick to their New Year's resolutions, though, it is vital that once they've consolidated their debt they don't re-spend it in the January sales."

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