Skipton launches ninth 'Pick'n'Fix' bond

22 February 2005
Skipton Building Society has announced the ninth issue of its 'Pick'n'Fix' range of fixed rate bonds.

The bonds, available for one, two or three years, all feature 5.20 per cent returns per annum, or a monthly income option with a return of five per cent.

The bonds are available with a minimum investment of £500 and a maximum of £25,000, but only one is allowed per customer.

"Whatever investors' views on the future of interest rates - whether they'll be heading upwards in the near future or remain static for some time to come - they can match their predictions with one of our Pick'n'Fix bonds," comments Jennifer Holloway, head of media relations at Skipton.

"For those who are unsure, there is also the option to split their investment across the range and, as they're all paying 5.20 per cent, still be sure of a great return."

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