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Skipton ups Pick 'N' Fix rates

06 June 2006
Skipton Building Society has announced that it is increasing rates on its fixed-rate bonds.

The leading investment building society is upping the rates on all bonds in its Pick 'N' Fix range of investment products.

The range includes one, two, and three-year fixed-rate bonds, which now all offer rates above five per cent gross per annum.

The rate on the one-year option is currently being offered at 5.06 per cent per annum gross interest rate, the two-year option is now 5.15 per cent and the longest bond in the range, the three-year alternative, now has gross interest rate of 5.26 per cent.

"Since we launched our first Pick 'N' Fix bonds two years ago, they have consistently offered some of the best value on the high street, so I'm pleased to say it just got better," said John Goodfellow, chief executive of Skipton Building Society.

"For any investor who is unsure of the future of interest rates, fixed rate bonds offer the security of knowing exactly how much your money will be worth, and as our rates just increased, that amount will be even more."

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