Standard Life launch savings and investments index

08 April 2006
A new survey to measure people's attitudes to savings and investment products and policies is to be undertaken by Standard Life.

The quarterly study will question over 1,500 people in what the savings bank hopes will be "a reliable and informative 'mood of the people' survey", aimed at providing the latest market news on consumer intentions and opinions.

The first index, which will be conducted via an online questionnaire, is scheduled for presentation on April 10th and Trevor Matthews, chief executive of Life & Pensions, said he was "excited" by its creation.

"We have spent a lot of time developing the survey to ensure we are asking the right questions," he explained. "We wanted reliable information to find out what people want to invest in, how they want to invest and their attitudes generally to saving."

Mr Matthews declared that over time Standard Life planned to use the research for marketing purposes and that even in preliminary findings "interesting trends [were] emerging".

The bank hopes the index will provide a new slant on public opinion indexes in an area that, until now, has been somewhat under researched.

Standard Life is one of the leading pension providers in the UK and specialises in this area. Of its five million customers, two million hold pension savings plans with the company.

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