Stock market investment guarantee from Nationwide

14 October 2004
A subsidiary of Nationwide Building Society is offering investors the change of reaping the benefit of 70 per cent of the growth in the FTSE, without the risk of losing any money.

Nationwide Life's Guaranteed Equity Bond guarantees to give the investor a return at least equally the original capital invested, after the bond's five year term is complete.

Clive Parkinson, managing director of Nationwide Life, commented: "For those who wish to invest in the stock market but are worried about the risks, guaranteed equity bonds are the investment solution.

"Investors have the potential to benefit from stock market growth without putting their original investment at risk."

The bond pays returns net of basic rate tax, meaning - with the exception of higher rate tax payers - consumers do not need to pay any further tax on returns from their investment.

Nationwide is also offering a early investors a bonus of up to 0.40 per cent on their original investment.

To subscribe to the bond investors must pay in a minimum of £5,000 before the close of business on November 27th.

The bond will mature on December 29th 2009.
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