Stock market volatility 'increases internet traffic'

16 August 2007
Recent activity in the stock market has lead to an increased amount of traffic at a financial website, it has been claimed.

According to The Motley Fool, Hitwise figures show that the amount of people visiting the site went up 11 per cent on Friday August 10th 2007.

Falls in share prices may have prompted the activity, but Fool head of personal finance David Kuo has reminded consumers that they are still up by 70 per cent since February 2003.

He also added that the main market indicator has quadrupled since the crash in 1987.

"Investors should also try to remember that crises often fizzle out and turn out to be nothing more than short-term blips. At we are continually advising investors to remain calm and invest for the long term," Mr Kuo said.

According to the website, The Motley Fool is the UK's leading online financial community.

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