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Stock markets making more people rich, says Halifax

11 March 2005
It's not only a small minority of crazed stockbrokers making money from share dealing - new research from Halifax Share Dealing has revealed that the number of investors earning on the stock markets has more than doubled in the last six months.

Six months ago Halifax asked investors whether they were making money from their portfolios - and found only one in three were in the money.

But when they asked the question again this month, four out of five investors reported profits.

The monthly investor survey by Halifax Share Dealing reveals a steady increase - from only 32 per cent of investors admitting profits last August, to 58 per cent in December and 79 per cent in February this year.

"It is encouraging to see that the proportion of investors reporting a profit on their portfolios has increased steadily month on month," said Sue Concannon, managing director of Halifax Share Dealing.

"With the FTSE recently breaking the 5,000 mark, and last month's research showing such confidence in the FTSE, now could be a good time to consider stock market investment."

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