Survey shows cash ISAs still popular as cut off date arrives Go compare with our comparison table

Survey shows cash ISAs still popular as cut off date arrives

04 April 2011 / by Paul Dicken

ISAs remain a popular way to save, according to a survey that found over 90 per cent of respondents had a cash ISA.

The survey by Leeds Building Society – published a day before the ISA deadline on 5 April – showed a high level of awareness about saving through ISAs, with 60 per cent of people knowing what the annual allowance is.

In the survey of 5000 customers, 68 per cent of people had chosen a fixed rate product for their ISA savings.

However, in a separate survey carried out for the AA the findings suggested that most people were unlikely to be saving the full cash ISA allowance. Despite high take-up of ISAs, just 45% of respondents in the AA survey were aware of the 2010/11 £5,100 annual allowance.

The research showed just over half of savers thought the best use of a cash ISA was for long-term savings.

The deadline for cash ISA savings for the 2010/11 tax year is 5 April. Last minute ISA savers can take advantage of online application processes to open cash ISA accounts before ISA cut-off date.

Last minute cash ISA options

Instant access ISAs include the Halifax Cash ISA Direct Reward which is paying a three per cent variable rate (AER) on deposits from £1.

This account allows transfers from existing ISAs if you are looking for a new instant access home for ISA savings.

For existing Barclays customers, the Barclays Golden ISA Issue 3 offers 3.35 per cent variable interest (AER).

Fixed-rate Cash ISAs

Deals still available include the Natwest 3 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA, which has a fixed rate of 3.70 per cent (AER) on deposits from £1,000. Transfers from other cash ISAs are allowed and monthly interest is available.

A shorter term fixed-rate account from Royal Bank of Scotland offers 3.20 per cent AER interest on its 2 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA.

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Instant Access Cash ISAs
ProviderAccountInterest RateTermApply
0.86%Easy AccessApply Now >
Earn 0.86% tax free/AER variable. Open with £100. Unlimited free withdrawals. Transfer in ISAs held elsewhere - no limit
0.50%Instant AccessApply Now >
0.50% AER/gross. Instant Access. Minimum deposit £1.
0.75%35 Days NoticeApply Now >
0.75% gross/AER. £500 minimum opening balance. Unlimited withdrawals subject to 30 days notice. Be aware that if you are applying for a new cash ISA product, you need to complete your application before 31st March, as only transfers will be accepted between 1st and 5th April
Up to 0.50%Instant AccessApply Now >
Earn 0.50% AER (variable) on balances over £50,000. Online, phone or branch access.
Up to 0.50%Instant AccessApply Now >
Earn 0.50% AER (variable) on balances above £100,000. Online, phone or branch access.
0.35%Instant AccessApply Now >
Instant access cash ISA open to new and existing customers. Transfers accepted. £10 minimum deposit.