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TD Waterhouse offering one month free trading and Greenhouse Effect tradable derivatives index is launched

10 January 2008 / by Rachael Stiles
Investors who open a Trading Account or Trading Plus Account with TD Waterhouse between January 7 and April 30 2008 will be awarded with one month's commission-free online share trading.

In addition to free trading for a month, new customers will also get a number of other benefits, such as a range of investment options to choose from, and access to market information and research tools 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With a TD Waterhouse account, investors can trade without cash in their account and can trade from as little as £9.95. A Trading Plus Account also enables investors to trade in equities on 16 exchanges and trade in a wider variety of investment options such as International Equities, Warrants and Covered Warrants.

Meanwhile, investors will soon be able to put their money into the climate, or rather the changes which may occur in the climate, when UBS launches a new climate change derivatives index in the next few days.

The first tradable derivatives index to track the Greenhouse Effect will allow investors to bet on the impact of carbon emissions and the rising global temperature. The new index is not the first investment tool whereby investors can bet on the planet; the Swiss bank launched the first global warming index last year and since then there have been a growing number of products aimed at encouraging new investors to put money on the Earth's odds for survival.

With the new index, investors from both the retail and institutional sectors will be able to buy exposure, or short sell, in much the same way as they currently can on the FTSE or Dow Jones markets. The level of the index will rise in line with carbon emissions and global temperatures.

Andy Felce, Managing Director at UBS said: "Following the success of the UBS Global Warming Index, UBS’s clients have shown an increasing interest in environmental investments which are innovative and alternative, yet simple to access. We expect the UBS-GHI to be as successful a benchmark for the Greenhouse Effect as the UBS-GWI is for weather."

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