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UK stock prices up 223% in last 20 years

18 October 2007
Stock values in the UK have risen by 223 per cent in the last two decades, according to the latest data.

Friday 19th October marks the 20th anniversary of Black Monday, the global stock market crash that saw billions wiped off the value of the London stock market.

The FTSE lost 11 per cent of its value in a single day and the Bank of England was forced to remove the pound from the exchange rate mechanism.

However, the latest report from Halifax Financial Services shows that UK stock prices are riding high compared to that disastrous day.

Martin Ellis, chief economist at Halifax Financial Services, says that the "strong long term performance" of the UK stock market since Black Monday "should not be surprising".

"The UK economy is in the midst of the longest unbroken period of economic growth on record and London's position as one of the world's major financial centres also makes it an important destination for global capital flows," he explained.

Black Monday was the single largest one-day percentage decline in stock market history and affected every major stock market in the world.

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