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Volatility 'sees investors look for opportunities'

22 August 2007
Recent volatility in financial markets has not deterred investors from seeking out new opportunities, with reports suggesting that many are continuing to buy in the face of market instability.

According to reports from Barclays Stockbrokers, many investors are remaining bullish despite volatile trading conditions - adopting a long-term investment approach to the market and seeking out far-reaching investment opportunities.

Barclays reports that 58 per cent of it clients were buying last Friday as opposed to 42 per cent selling, rising to 74 per cent in buys upon market opening on Monday morning. Henk Potts, equity strategist at Barclays Stockbrokers, highlights these trends as reflective of a healthy long-term attitude from investors.

"It’s good to see that investors can see through the cloud of uncertainty that has enveloped the stock market over the last few weeks," he states.

"Long term investors always win through in the end."

A number of UK stocks have advanced in recent trading, including British Airways, while the FTSE 100 index added 7.4, representing 0.1 per cent.

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