Wine makes 'good investment'

06 February 2006
Britons are being encouraged to invest in wine as this could make them an estimated 15 per cent a year, according to experts.

Wine investment can bring good returns and is advantageous because it is exempt from capital gains tax and is an easily transferable asset, according to wine merchants Berry Bros & Rudd.

And when it comes to selling the investment, there is a good auction market for the wine.

The wine merchant says that a good wine which is from a good vintage could increase in value by between 50 and 100 per cent before it reaches its physical and financial maturity.

Wines from the very best years will see even greater returns than this.

For example, a Chateau Latour from Bordeaux which sold for £450 in 1990 is now worth around £3,600 – an 800 per cent increase.

Berry Bros & Rudd advise that people considering wine investment should put at least £5,000 worth of wine into their cellars, although investments can begin at as little as £250.

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