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Yorkshire launches new fixed rate savings bonds

19 January 2006
The Yorkshire Building Society has launched two new two-year fixed rate savings bonds.

Both bonds include the option of closing early, with one of them having the added benefit of partial withdrawals during the term.

A monthly interest option is available on the two accounts.

The first bond is available at 4.75 per cent gross per annum fixed from the date of opening until March 31st 2008.

It includes a monthly interest option at 4.65 per cent gross per annum or 4.75 per cent AER.

The second is available at 4.65 per cent with a monthly interest option at 4.55 per cent. One withdrawal is permitted per year for an amount up to 25 per cent of the original balance.

Chris Edwards, savings product manager at the Yorkshire, said: "The flexibility offered with the new bonds is a direct result of customer comments.

"There are increasing instances of investors opening fixed rate bonds and subsequently finding that they need to access their money at short notice."

He said he hopes that the choice of bonds and the different options available to customers with each will ensure that the building society's members "get the product that suits their requirements" along with "a great rate of interest".

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