Aquarius and Cancer top bad credit starsign lottery

31 August 2005
Bad credit is written in the stars and your star sign can have more of an effect on the way you manage debt than you might think, according to MyCallcredit.

The credit reference agency found that Aquarian males and Cancerian females were most likely to have a CCJ (county court judgement) against them, indicating outstanding debts.

But men and women react to their stellar credit destinies in different ways; according to the research, 60 per cent more Virgo males have a CCJ registered against them than Virgo females.

When it comes to Leos, women are nine per cent more likely to have run up bad debt, however.

MyCallcredit director Alison Nicholson says: "We don't think you can generalise about star sign characteristics when it comes to people's attitudes to debt, sex is more likely to be an indicator of someone's habits than when they were born.

"But whatever an individual's credit commitments they should check their credit file regularly to make sure what's on their file is a true indication of their financial position and to prevent themselves becoming a victim of ID fraud."

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