Caves, camels and sheep top Lloyds TSB's 'alternative' loans list

01 April 2005
Lloyds TSB's annual list of 'alternative' motives for requesting loans reveals that the British trait of eccentricity is alive and well.

The largest amount requested for a quirky reason was £20,000 to convert a cave into a house, and the same amount for a dowry payment.

Buying animals was also a popular reason for borrowing, with one borrower asking for £15,000 for a camel, another for £10,000 for Lloyds TSB's trademark black stallion, and one sheep enthusiast requesting £1,000 for the woolly creature.

Other miscellaneous eccentric requests included £5,000 for a suit of armour, £3,000 for an ice cream van and £7,000 towards a houseboat.

"Our annual list is a refreshing reminder that Brits still have a healthy dose of eccentricity and ambition," said Tony Gibbons, head of personal loans at Lloyds TSB.

"Whether it's a houseboat or a horse that's top of the list, a personal loan is a great way for people to get what they want, in a way that's affordable."

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