Christmas financial health quiz launched by Citizens Advice

24 December 2004
A new online quiz to asses your financial health has been launched by Citizens Advice, to help people manage debt over the festive season.

The organisation's website allows consumers to test themselves to see how good they are at handling money in the festive season.

It enables them to assess whether they are spending within their means or racking up the debt, which will come back to bite them in the New Year.

"Lots of us want to make Christmas special, especially for children. It's all too easy to spend more than you can afford when the shops are overflowing with temptation and you're bombarded with offers of easy credit," said Citizens Advice director of policy, Teresa Perchard.

She added: "But we know from experience that the new year and spring is the busiest time of all for money advisers in Citizens Advice Bureaux, when people who have stretched their finances to the limit wake up to a debt hangover."

The advice Bureaux have witnessed the number of debt issues increase 74 per cent since 1996/7.

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