Cost of learning 'too steep', says MINT Loans

21 October 2005
UK adults want to go 'back to school' but are put off by cost, says a survey by MINT Loans.

Research by the online loans company has revealed that 56 per cent of 25 to 50-year-olds in the UK would like to gain new qualifications but feel that lack of money stands in their way.

Richard Cole, Head of Product and Customer Marketing at MINT commented: "It is disappointing to see over half (56 per cent) of the UK's would-be learners do not act on their aspirations for further learning because of the extra expense in the short term.

"However, with careful financial planning and sensible funding people can spread the initial outlay needed for a qualification over a fixed period of time by taking out a loan, making the cost far more manageable."

According to MINT's poll, three in every five MBA graduates claim that their qualifications, though expensive, have dramatically increased their earning potential.

However, not all adults have let cost put them off getting further
qualifications – 13 per cent told MINT they would consider taking out a
personal loan from a bank or building society to fund their education.

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