Debts go 'up and up and up', says Citizens Advice

13 September 2007
Following a report indicating that the UK's debt problems are worsening, a spokesperson for Citizens Advice has warned that people relying on credit to help manage their finances could face problems.

Peter Tutton told BBC One's Lunchtime News programme that although most people can afford credit when they take it out, sometimes "quite a small thing" can cause them significant financial difficulty, such as a large utility bill,

"Unfortunately often what happens is once people start to struggle they try and do their best but often try and manage that by using more credit, and it can go up and up and up," Mr Tutton said.

This week the charity reported that the number of debt problems it helped deal with rose by 20 per cent during the course of 2006-07, having doubled in the last ten years.

In total, Citizens Advice Bureaux in England and Wales provided assistance with 1.7 million debt enquiries last year.

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