Experian warns of electoral roll pitfalls

03 October 2006
With the deadline for submissions to the electoral roll from those eligible to vote approaching on October 10th, credit reference agency Experian has warned consumers missing the registration deadline could be damaging to their credit rating.

Annual canvassing of residents throughout all UK council boroughs are being carried out at the moment and not declaring your address and eligibility to vote can have far-reaching consequences for your ability to apply for a loan or other form of credit.

Council lists are published in December and those that find they have missed the deadline for submission could have a worse credit rating if their name does not appear.

"Some organisations will refuse to give you credit or other financial services if your credit report shows that you are not registered to vote at your current address," said Jill Stevens, Experian's director of consumer affairs.

"This is because they use this information to help check that your name and address is correct.

"If your application is refused because your name doesn't appear on the electoral register, explain that you have just moved," she continued.

"If you move, it's important to tell your local council straight away to make sure your name and new address is added to the electoral register as soon as possible. If you have moved recently, always give your previous address when you apply for financial services."

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