Halifax reveals loans could help furnish your new home

21 April 2005
Halifax Estate Agents has revealed that the total cost of furnishing your new home could reach £8,000 - suggesting that a personal loan to help meet the cost could be as vital as your mortgage.

According to figures compiled by Halifax, the bill for essential items - including a bed, basic furniture, cooking utensils and a television - could set you back £3,751.

Items called 'nice-to-haves' by Halifax - including wardrobes, a home cinema system and dining room chairs - could add another £2,277 to the costs of buying your house.

Luxury items - including a plasma screen TV and a computer - could see you another £2,165 out of pocket.

"As a general rule when you move into a new house you need something to sleep on, something to sit on, basic cooking and washing facilities and something to eat from. Beyond that, if you are on a tight budget, it could be argued that everything else is a luxury," comments Colin Kemp, managing director of Halifax Estate Agents.

"But most people want their new home to look and feel great from day one and so the list of 'essentials' tends to grow substantially."

A good deal on a personal loan could be the best way to ensure your house is in tip-top condition from the day you move in.

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