New Year New You; Fair Investment urges consumers to get debt free in 2008

31 December 2007 / by None
Fair Investment Company is urging consumers to spring clean their finances for 2008 by checking the latest rates on credit cards, loans and energy bills in order to ease the pressure after the heavy seasonal spend.

As the New Year kicks in, many consumers will be feeling the pinch after the frivolities of the festive season, however while some are worrying about the few extra pounds on their waistlines, millions of families are concerned about the extra pounds of debt accrued over Christmas.

Now Fair Investment Company is urging those who have fallen into the debt trap to think about how they spend their money and make some much needed cut backs in areas that can really make a difference.

Director of Fair Investment Company, James Caldwell explains: "Worrying about money is one of the biggest causes of stress and unhappiness in the UK, especially after a period of heavy spending such as over the Christmas season. However there are plenty of ways to impact your budget like finding a more competitive energy provider or mobile phone service which could certainly help curb your monthly outgoings.

"Most money-saving is down to common sense. The less you spend, the further you can stretch your finances; however there are some simple steps to take to ensure you make the most of your money. By keeping a record of your ingoings and outgoings helps you to see where you can save and by writing out a budget and sticking to it will certainly make a difference to the household spend," says Mr Caldwell.

"One simple tip for credit card users is to make sure you are not paying unnecessary interest charges. Switching credit cards to 0% for balance transfers can provide you with more time to manage your finances. There are lots of good deals about at the moment but it is worth remembering that many of these are introductory offers and you need to check what the APR is when the deal period is up as well as checking how much you will be charged for transferring your balance before you move.

"Some cards offer 0% for the life of the balance transferred, but look out for card providers who operate on a 'minimum monthly spend' clause. If don't meet this spend, you may have to pay the standard rate of interest on everything."

Fair Investment Company has also brought out its Guide To Getting Debt Free which suggests the best ways to cut household costs and take steps towards reducing debt.

Check out the latest deals on credit cards, insurance , compare UK loans , find out how to cut your bills and use Fair Investment's Guide to Getting Debt Free