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Student rents rise seven per cent

12 March 2007
Rising house prices continue to impact on rental tenants too, it seems, as research from Accommodation for Students found that students face weekly rental charges seven per cent higher than last year.

The average cost of living in student accommodation will now reach £60 each week, the survey found.

Home price patterns are reflected in the sums students pay, which are determined by the location of their place of study.

London students pay on average £102 a week for the privilege of living in the capital, 71 per cent higher than the national average.

Costs in Oxford and Cambridge stand at £84 and £79 per cent each, while the best deals for students are found in Sunderland, where the average rental charge is just £44, and Crewe, with a fee of £37.

According to statistics from the National Union of Students, 45 per cent of students are in rented accommodation organised through a landlord.

But while 23 per cent of students live in university halls of residence or designated student housing, almost as many, 22 per cent, live with their parents to save money.

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