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cahoot: England fans will spend £24 million this summer

25 April 2006
The UK internet bank, cahoot, estimates that die-hard English football fans will spend millions following their team at the World Cup in Germany this summer.

If, dare I say it, they make the final in Berlin on July 9th, the total cost of attending all the matches is estimated at over £4,800 per person and with 5,000 fans expected to make this pilgrimage with Gerrard, Rooney and Co, the total spent will be £24 million, cahoot claims.

John Goddard, cahoot's managing director, said that fans would have needed to save £95 a month since the end of the last tournament four years ago to be able to afford such a trip.

"Despite the World Cup being closer to home this year, the cost of following the team is still almost £5,000," he said.

"Those people who are lucky enough to watch England in every match, including the final, will have a once in a lifetime experience, but this certainly won't come cheap."

Many of the team's followers are expected to bankroll their travels around Germany with credit cards or loans, although the debts racked up in Europe will no doubt be forgotten should the Three Lions triumph this summer.

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