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Birmingham Midshires: Consumers urged to seek mortgage advice

24 September 2007
With the changing nature of today's family, an expert has urged consumers to seek advice when taking out a mortgage.

A new report by Birmingham Midshires has found that 63 per cent of people claim they do not fit within the "average" family, which is said to contain 2.4 children.

The firm suggested that the rise in the number of single occupancy households and the growth in civil partnerships last year means that the concept of "average" no longer applies to many people.

Tim Hague, managing director of mortgages at Birmingham Midshires, said that many mortgage providers still use this model of an average family, even though most people cannot be categorised this way.

"We would urge people - whether they believe themselves to be average or unique - to seek the advice of a regulated mortgage intermediary to ensure they get a mortgage deal that is right for them," he advised.

Earlier in the year, reported that 29 per cent of homeowners chose their current mortgage product by staying with their mortgage provider, rather than comparing the market.

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