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British women have desperate housewives finances

15 December 2005
Around 35 per cent of women control the finances in their homes, with a fair percentage of these doing so behind their partner's back.

According to new research from mortgage lender First Active, the financial situation of women in Britain very much mirrors the situation of the characters in Desperate Housewives.

Around 22 per cent of women think they have got a handle on their finances and are like Bree who holds a steely eye over her family's financial transactions.

On the other hand, around 36 per cent of women are like Susan. They do not know what rate they pay on their mortgage and get a shock when the do eventually look at their statement.

In comparison around 72 per cent of British men do know how much their rate is on their mortgage.

David Jones, managing director at First Active said: "Whatever type of person you are, your mortgage is usually the largest monthly outgoing. So it’s the first place people should start when they are looking to save money.

"So, even if you’re not lucky enough to have a friend like real estate agent Edie on hand to ask for an opinion, it’s a good idea to remind yourself how much you are paying now or will be paying when your initial deal runs out and look around for a more competitive deal."

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