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Brits choose younger mortgage over younger face, First Direct reveals

20 April 2005
The average British mortgage-holder is more concerned with taking years off their mortgage than with taking years of their appearance, research by First Direct has revealed.

The mortgage lender found that almost three-quarters of mortgage-holders (74 per cent) would prefer to take up to ten years from their mortgage than from their face.

There was little difference between the sexes as the vast majority of mortgage-holders aged 18 to 75 voted unanimously to rejuvenate their mortgage rather than their appearance: 76 per cent of men and 72 per cent of women.

However, respondents were divided about how best to subject their mortgage to a bit of nip and tuck.

Just over a quarter (26 per cent) said they would save up and pay off a lump sum, whilst just over a fifth (22 per cent) would remortgage to find a better deal.

Less than one in ten (eight per cent) were aware that offsetting their mortgage could take years off it, and one in three (32 per cent) had no idea how to improve their mortgage's appearance in the long term.

"It's remarkable that so many more people would rather be mortgage free than wrinkle free," comments Richard Kimber, chief executive of First Direct.

"But it's unlikely to happen if they don't know what action to take to clear their home loan as quickly as possible."

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