Buy-to-let investment attracting younger people

19 March 2007
Buy-to-let is on the rise among the under-40s, Mortgage Trust has revealed, with almost 26 per cent of new investors holding a single property aged between 26 and 35.

Moreover, twenty and thirty-something homebuyers are better represented among investors with up to three properties in their portfolio, making up 16 per cent of the total, compared to 14 per cent just six months ago.

A first investment property is held for almost 11 years on average.

"New landlords are looking at an investment that will see them safe for the long term, possibly even into retirement," Mortgage Trust's managing director John Heron remarked.

At the point of retirement, buy-to-let landlords can either use tenants' payments as a regular income stream or sell their properties and release equity in a lump sum, Mr Heron explained.

Last week, the Trust found that two thirds of people hoped to keep their rental property for over five years while 26 per cent of people plan to hold onto it for 15 years or more, suggesting that investors increasingly recognise the need to commit over time.

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