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Buy-to-let landlords fret over ideal homes

06 June 2007
Finding the perfect property is the top concern for buy-to-let landlords, a survey from Imagine Homes has revealed.

Over one-third said they found locating the ideal property their biggest challenge when acquiring a home or apartment to let.

The next challenge is finding tenants they can trust and attracting their target market by furnishing the home affordably for many of the Britons who supplement their regular income with buy-to-let activity.

Meanwhile, 'rental voids', periods when an apartment or house lies vacant in between letting to tenants, was revealed to be of concern to 16.8 per cent of investors, the Imagine Homes survey shows.

The rental voids can be avoided by the Imagine Homes service which guarantees income over a two-year period.

Taking on a buy-to-let property to supplement income, particularly retirement income, is proving increasingly attractive for the two million people in the UK who own a second home, a recent survey from market analyst Mintel showed.

Meanwhile, the Council of Mortgage Lenders recently predicted that the sector would stay strong as growing numbers of people struggling to buy a home turn to rental as a more affordable alternative.

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