Charcol: More mortgage information available to consumers

17 September 2007
The internet now enables consumers to get a broad view of the mortgage market, according to one expert.

A spokesperson for Charcol said that most people now choose services which compare the whole market, meaning searching for products now involves "less hassle".

When in the past this would have involved obtaining quotes from a number of places, being able to access this information in one place has helped to reduce the amount of confusion people experience, he claimed.

"The internet has made mortgages a lot easier to deal with. The better informed you are, the chances are you'll make a better decision," he remarked.

In related news, Nick Staib, a spokesperson for HSBC, recently said that "there is no reason" why people of any age cannot use the internet for banking.

If people can send an email to someone then they can log in to use the internet to pay their bills, he added.

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